Lab A-2 Install SolarWinds SFTP Server


Topology & Starting Point

You should already have a working CUCM install within a virtual machine with a supporting network and services, as described in lab A-1. For simplicity, we'll be installing the SFTP server onto the same computer that hosts the CUCM VM. In regard to best practices, placing your backup destination on the same hardware as your backup source is clearly cringe-worthy, but we're just creating a learning environment. Also worrying is the practice of using a dynamic address (DHCP) for the computer that will host the SFTP server. The instructions for the lab where a backup destination is configured will need to include determining the address of the computer at that time, and they do.


Table 1. Important Addresses and Logins
SFTP Server Host AddressSFTP Login / Password
Determined by DHCPcucmback / ciscoclass

Exam Objectives

Installing an SFTP server, such as SolarWinds, provides the supporting infrastructure for labs that prepare test-takers for the following exam objectives:

Table 2. Exam Objectives
4Maintain Cisco Unified Communications System
4.7Perform manual system backup

Lab Walkthrough (Screenshots are clickable)